Wayu’s counseling is a process to feel more in control of your own life.
The counselor will use various spiritual skills such as calendar divination,
healing, coaching and more.

Counseling will be beneficial for you if…

・you need to make some important decisions

・you are confused and want some advice with different perspectives

・you want to balance your mind and body

・you are depressed and losing your passions

・you want to become/stay powerful

Wayu counseling facilitates the sharing of thoughts and feelings. The counselor will support you to gain fresh insight, to have a clearer perspective and to find motivation from both the physical and spiritual level. It absolutely empowers your life!

Management, Communication, Partnerships, Family, Career, Finance, Health & Beauty etc.

Cost of personal counseling session
¥23,000 – 90minutes *Extension : ¥8,000 for every 30minutes

Business Counseling is Available.
¥39,000 – 90minutes *Extension : ¥8,000 for every 30minutes